Titles: The Dream Keeper, The Brightest Star, Father of Wanderers
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Dreams, Travel, Luck, Stars
Cleric Alignment: NG, CH, CN
Domain: Chaos, Good, Travel, Luck
Favoured Weapon: Starknife

Paros is the God of dreams, the stars and travel, and one of the few deities that did not change after the god’s war. He worked very closely with Illis to create the moon, as a guiding light in the night, to mimic the sun.


During the creation of the world, Paros struggled to find his place amongst the Gods, spending weeks at a time trying to come up with a creation of his own. And so, when the world was ready and the sky was still dark at night, he created the stars, and with the stars, he created a realm of dreams, where the newly born people of Garatha could spend their night. It is said, that Paros spends most of his time weaving beautiful dream scenarios for the people to witness as they wonder through his realm in the night.


Paros keeps friendly relationships with most other Gods, his only enemies being Nagari for her perversion of his work and attempts to take over the night, and Torseus for imprisoning an individual who much like Paros, valued her freedom. Paros and Hareth worked together once, to crate the concept of prophetic dreams, where the Prophetess would share some of her secrets with Paros, and he would weave them into some of his dream scenarios. One of his closest allies is Illis, who helped him in creating one of his visions.


Paros is most often depicted as a middle aged human man, with long black hair and a matching beard. It is said that he grows newly born stars in his hair, nurturing them until they are ready to be placed in the night sky. His eyes are silver in colour. He wears dark flowy robes adorned with Garatha’s constellations, and a key to the Oborium, the dream realm.

The church of Paros

As the God of Dreams and Travel, Paros has very few temples. His followers argue that the road is his temple, and the night sky is his most precious shrine. Even those who do not actively follow Paros, often say a prayer or two on the road, looking for his blessing, or before night time, asking for good, or sometimes prophetic dreams.

Worshipers and Clergy:

Astronomers, gamblers and travelers tend to be the most common worshipers of Paros. The clergy, being one of the most informal clergy out of all, is mainly composed of clerics and bards, called by a song or whisper in the night. His clergy often dress in black robes with a white trim, often with many decorative elements. They are most often found on the road or in traveling caravans.

Tenant’s of the Parosian church:
1. The night is a wonder, and I will forever use my resting time wisely.
2. All places in the world are beautiful, and one should strive to discover as many as possible.
3. Freedom is the most important thing a man can have. It is not my place to take it, unless necessary.
4. If one does not gamble, one does not gain.
5. The world holds more answers than any tome.

Many clerics of Paros join the clergy after a life changing journey, which tends to happen more in later life, however many children are taught to respect Paros in Zoran, even sometimes using him as a scare for naughty children, claiming that if they misbehave, they will have bad dreams.

Temples and Shrines:
Shrines to Paros are often stone slabs by the side of the road, usually with offerings of food left to passing travelers. The stones themselves usually have a number of engravings with names of passing travelers, constellations and prayers to the God.

Holy Texts:
The holy book of Paros, titled “The wonders of Garatha and journeys to beyond” is more of a booklet than a tome, consisting of a number of beautiful places and travel routes often taken by worshipers of Paros, and small sections of lessons to learn during travels.



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