Capital: Linguists Fall
Official Language: Gnomish
Denonym: Valarian
Ruler: Lord Goranki Manastul
State Religion: ?????
Population: 1.486 million


Up until 231 of the current era, Vala was considered to be a place unsuited for humanoid life due to its close location to the Marahagi Volcano. That was, until the Rusty Maiden, a ship from Zoran, had to stop at one of he archipelagos, and discovered an entire nation of people living on the islands. Those people, looked not much different than humans, only much smaller, with strangely coloured hair and clothing that at the time, seemed to be of Toruvajan origin. The people of Vala could not speak any language known to man, and at first, communication was difficult. The ship crew was at first beaten and closed in a prison, until they managed to convince the locals that their purpose was not harmful, exposing the small people to the food they were carrying on their ship. With this, started a slow but steady relationship between the Valarian gnomes and the men of Zoran.

Their meeting with the elven folk went without assault, and as a result, the gnomes have been taught how to build ships, and even manage currency. Despite this, the relationship between Vala and Faron are usually on a strictly professional level.


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